‘Tisn’t Latin, Really

I am in the midst of integrating the blog with my Mad Mare Studio and Gallery page on Facebook. Any weird posts you see here, and on Facebook, which contain “Latin-like” text can be ignored. The text is called “Lorem Ipsum” or “dummy text”, which is just a bunch of  gobbledygook that the printing and typesetting industries have been using since the 1500s.  Mine is auto-generated by FireFox with the help of an add-on called “Dummy Lipsum”.

Studio Update: As of this morning the final coat of paint has been dolled out on the walls, ceiling and light brackets. Now for clean-up! A couple of the doors and windows still need some scrubbing and curtains are to be hung to in the south-west windows to ward off the sun. My dry, cracked and sore hands are never going to forgive me for this.

Open House!: Don’t forget the Mad Mare Studio and Gallery Open House, which will be held Saturday December 11th and Sunday December 12th. Hours will be dependent on my lesson schedule both days and the Misty Brae Farm Christmas Party on December 12th. I’ll post the hours I will be available in the studio on the barn bulletin board as the date draws nearer.