Enter the Studio, Part I

Although I have had studios in the past, this will be my first one with outside egress that I can truly feel is a whole place of business unto itself. The room in the house that we are converting is called the “breezeway”. Many houses in the south have such a room, but they are more commonly known as mud rooms.  The room is 10′ wide x 22′ long and the walls are 100 year old barn wood taken from the Hutcheson’s original barn. There are two doors, one that opens into the driveway and another that opens in the back yard.

The walls will be covered with sheetrock to both protect the wood and bring the lighting of the room up to a more neutral tone.  There is no insulation in the room at all and it can get very cold in there. Kris plans on putting insulation on the walls before he puts up the drywall.

Construction on the studio started September 26, 2010 with the installation of 5 banks of lighting.

October 16th, 2010

Kris has installed the Tyvek HomeWrap insulation and is beginning to put up the sheetrock.