Mad Mare Open Studio, December 18th & 19th

If you are local, don’t forget to drop into the studio on December 18th and 19th and take a look around.  I’ll be available in the early morning and late afternoon for a couple of hours and my daughter, Deirdre, will be in the studio the rest of the time.

Unfortunately, I do not have any completed Rhythm Bead Sets available at this time, but do have a few medallions that are almost completed. I will take commission orders if anyone is interested, but I can’t give a lead time as yet.

My easels are set up and I’ve most of my pastels out, but I have to check over my surfaces for damage before I can begin painting again. I will have a couple of paintings and a few older studies on the walls for viewing. Also on the walls will be a couple of Native American drums and beaters, assorted furs and feathers and a few other Native crafts. Fun stuff!

Dreams of Alexander

Several of my gemstone and free-form trees will be on display and available for purchase.  All trees will be for sale to MBF folks for half price. Sale prices range from $50-$75 for free-form/glass bead sculptures and $100- $200 for gemstone/gemstone bead sculptures. Cheque or cash only, please, as I am not set up to take credit cards.

A few of the gemstones trees that are available are:  amethyst, carnelian, rhyolite, unakite, sodalite, labradorite, amazonite, amber, prehnite, green quartz, and green aventurine. In process are:  red aventurine, jade, chrysocolla,  and a lapis lazuli winter motif.

See you at the Open Studio!