New Lower Prices On Most Browbands? Yep!

If you are checking the web site, you’ll notice that many of the prices have come down. No, this is not an error. This is a Good Thing!

Life has been extremely busy in the Mad Mare™ studios. Over the past few months I have tossed the Shopp eCommerce package I was working with  in favor of WooCommerce. I am very glad that I did!

Although there are several add-ons that I would like to introduce to the platform, the web site is quickly nearing the finish line. All products have been added and pricing is pretty much up to date. All that is left is some checking, fine tuning and sandbox testing.

A few of the addons I am considering are:

  • Bundled Products. This will allow me to create “sets” of products, such as a browband, matching stock pin and bun cover, and offer them at a discounted rate.
  • Gift Certificates. Need no explanation, I think 😉
  • Facebook Tab. Will allow my web site to integrate with my Facebook page.
  • Store Credit. For returns, if applicable.

Of course, there are quite a few more, but they will be transparent to the customer and will benefit the web site in the long run.

I have taken out an ad campaign on Facebook and the results have been astronomical! I urge everyone who has a small business, especially if you sell on line, to consider doing this. My ad is budgeted at $1 per day and, while that may not seem like a lot, it has generated enough revenue to pay for the add for one month. Not to mention the “Likes” on my page have increased twofold over the span of two weeks! I’m chuffed, to say the least!

That’s all from the studio for now. Take care!