About Mad Mare®

Mad Mare® products are hand-crafted in the USA from quality, imported, padded leather, gemstones, Czech glass, TierraCast®  (pewter, gold and silver-plate), Bali and Tibetan-style (gold and silver-plate) beads and Swarovski® Crystal Elements.

Each bead in a Mad Mare® product is hand-stitched into the channel with either 12-pound test beading wire or 20lb fishing line. They are not glued like many other browbands are.

Although created with the show ring in mind, most of our products can be used for everyday riding. With prices starting at around $52 for a basic browband, our browbands are affordable glamor for you and your horse.

Custom or Ready Made

Not sure which colors or styles may suit your horse? Send us a few pictures, or, better yet, a video, and we can make suggestions.  If you are local to Aldie, Virginia, you can make an hour-long studio appointment by calling and leaving a message on our business line at (571) 524-0815. We’ll call you back within two business days.  We have many catalog bands, stock pins, bun covers and bracelets in stock for you to look at and purchase. Made Mare® browbands look lovely in photos, but in person — WOW! Bring your friends!

Most catalog products can be created in different colors or with different gemstones and crystals.  Substitutions with similar beads we already have in stock can be made at no extra cost. For the more discerning horse person, we can create a custom band that is truly unique — just for you and your horse. Mad Mare® can create a special design from beads you specify or suggestions we make. Custom bands start at $125, and this includes the initial research and purchases required to source and obtain sample beads for your band. Additional research and sourcing costs are billed as needed and with prior approval.

Base and Precious Metal Beads

Mad Mare® uses TierraCast®, silver plated, gold plated and pewter beads, as well as copper, brass and several different types of Tibetan and Bali styles.

Metal beads are treated with a special jewelry lacquer and then allowed to air-dry for several hours. After this, they are cured in an oven for 6-8 hours. This process is performed twice in order to ensure that the beads stay as shiny and non-tarnished/oxidized for as long as possible.


Whenever Mad Mare® incorporates gemstones into a browband, we always try to use graded gemstones if they are available. A few of our more popular stones are: lapis lazuli, garnet, rhodonite, Russian charoite, black onyx, several different types of jasper and agate, citrine, amethyst, chrysocolla, rainbow moonstone, labradorite, rhyolite, bronzite, rose quartz, abalone, tiger eye, pyrite and kambaba jasper.

Some gemstones, such as “sea sediment” jasper, black onyx, and most turquoise, are dyed or treated and a few gemstones have non-standard names which make their actual identity difficult.  In general, it’s easy to tell if the gemstone is the “real deal” or not — you just have to look at the price, but if it’s not real, there’s usually no telling just what it really is. Some beads sold as gemstones — goldstone is a classic example — are definitely not real, no matter what they are called, but they are extremely pretty and popular. If any of this is a concern to you, please ask.