Sizes, Colors, Styles

04-05-2016  — Please note that this page is currently under revision. I should have it done in a few days. ~ Mad Mare

Browband Styles and Colors

Mad Mare® Studio currently carries browbands in three styles:  Straight, V-Shape (Diadem), and U-Shape (Dutch Drop), and two colors: black and brown.


Our V-Shape, or Diadem, gently hugs the forehead and is a subtlety shaped band, very well suited for the English jumper or dressage bridle.

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The U-Shape, or Dutch Drop, also hugs the forehead, and is not a floppy type of band. If you do prefer the floppy type, order a band a size or two larger.

Mad Mare® U-Shaped Browband. Temp place holder for now.

Sizes (Widths)

Browbands are measured on the inside of the band, from end to end, including the loops. Mad Mare® Studio currently carries the following sizes and colors:

14½Small CobBrown/BlackStraight

Heights (Top to Bottom)

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The “channel” is the cut out portion of the browband where the beads are sewn into the leather. The overall height of the browband is determined by the size of the beads that are being sewn into the leather.

Most Mad Mare® bands are sewn with 6mm beads, which produces a band of around .99 inches, or 25mm in height.  Under the Additional Information tab for each band, located beside the Product Description tab,  you can find the band height for the band you are viewing. Click on the thumbnail to the right to see a larger view of the Product Description and Additional Information tab areas.


Ear Loop Lengths

Ear loops are the part of the browband that the crown piece and/or noseband hanger fit through, and they are measured from end stitch to end stitch.  This measurement doesn’t account for the thickness of the leather itself, therefore, the following sizes are approximate and may vary slightly from band to band:

  • 14″ – 100 mm or 10 cm or 3.94″
  • 15″ – 100 mm or 10 cm or 3.94″
  • 16″ –  85 mm or 8.5 cm or 3.35″
  • 17″ – 80 mm  or 8 cm or 3.15″

One of the most common questions we get via our Contact Form is, “will your bands fit my double bridle?”

Ear loops are wide enough to accept a hanger for a double bridle or a bridle with a padded crown.  Keep in mind that the bands are leather and they do stretch.

If you are in doubt or your bridle is thinner or wider than most, please measure before you buy. There are no returns on custom Mad Mare® browbands nor are there returns on catalog bands that are purchased in the wrong size.