Mad Mare® Custom Browbands FAQ

Along with our catalog line of make-to-order browbands, Mad Mare® Studio also offers Custom Browbands.

How does it work?

On the Mad Mare® Custom Browband product page, you will find a link to the Custom Band Order Form. Use the form to send Mad Mare® information about the band that you would like to have made for you. Once we receive your form and have gone over it, we will send you an invoice for the base price. The Custom Band base price covers the initial cost of a browband, plus two hours of research/material sourcing/consultation and the time required to produce a few sample pictures, if necessary, for your approval. Costs for sample bead purchases, if necessary, are not included and are billed, along with any extra hourly labor, on a weekly basis.

Example: If your design requires beads that Mad Mare® does not carry, you will be billed for the time needed to source the beads and the purchase cost of the beads. If the beads purchased are rejected, then the process begins anew. Any beads that are rejected, or are otherwise not used, become the property of Mad Mare® Studio, LLC. There is no refund to the customer on unused beads or materials.

The average finished price of a Custom Band is about $ 185.


A few points to consider:

  • Mad Mare® does not copy designs from other browband makers. We may use them as a starting point and brainstorm from there, but please do not ask us to copy.
  • Our browbands are made with the beads sewn into a channel. As we do not glue our beads, your design must not require glue.
  • Although we can often repair bands made by someone else, we cannot work with bands that do not have an empty channel.
  • Mad Mare® does not make “quick change” browbands, nor does it make bead strings to be used with interchangeable bands. We may add this type of band in the future, but at this we do not carry them.
  • Sterling silver and gold filled beads are very expensive. If you prefer those, expect to pay around $4-10 per bead.

How Long Will It Take?

That will all depend on how fast it takes for your payment(s) to go through and whether or not we have to order special beads for your band. Some beads are pretty rare and are only spotted occasionally. Custom Bands that require special purchases take about 4 weeks to complete. Custom Bands that require easily found beads usually take 1-2 weeks. Bands that do not require any special purchases usually take about 1 week to complete. This does not include time in transit to you once the band is finished. Shipping usually takes 3 to 7 business days.

What If Decide I Don’t Want the Custom Band?

  1. If work has not started on your band order and you ask us to cancel, we will refund the base price of the band. Note that the word “work” includes research and sourcing as well as physical labor.
  2. If we have already begun, but have not reached the sewing stage, we will refund the base price, minus the costs incurred for the work/labor we have already performed.
  3. If we are sewing the band or have otherwise modified the leather, there is no refund.

Note:  Custom bands are non-returnable and non-refundable.

DISCLAIMER:  All extra supplies purchased become the property of Mad Mare®Studio, LLC and we reserve the right to place the browband style and colors into our product line.