Custom Mad Mare™ Browbands

Fionna models her custom Mad Mare™ browband. Photo by Lee RouseMad Mare™ Studio is now proudly offering custom and ready-made browbands. The bands come in three styles: Circlet, Diadem and Tiara, and two colors: black and brown. Each band is inset with hand-sewn gemstones, semi-precious gems, Swarovski® Elements and Crystals, Czech glass, sterling silver, pewter and silver or gold plated beads.

There are four channel sizes available — 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm — which determine the size of the beads used. The most popular size to date, regardless of browband size, has been the 6mm channel. For a more delicate style, or for a small head, the 4mm channel conveys a more subtle splash of bling and color. For a larger head — or statement — the 8mm or 10mm channel steals the show. The Lipizzaner mare shown in the picture on the right is sporting a black Diadem browband with a 10mm channel, embelished with Light Siam Swarovski® Crystal Sliders and beads. A beautiful crown for a lovely mare!

Band Leather Choices
Colors: Black or brown
Sizes: Pony, Cob, Full, Oversize
Styles: Circlet, Diadem, Tiara
Measurements: Pony: 14¼”, Cob: 15¼”, Full: 16¼”, Oversize: 17¼”
End loops are wide enough to accept a hanger for a double bridle. However, if you are in doubt or your bridle is wider than most, please measure and send me the numbers before you buy.

Available Styles. Not all styles are available in all colors and sizes. Please email for stock.

Available Styles. Not all styles are available in all colors and sizes. Please email for availability.

Please Note:
Pony size (14¼”) is currently only available in brown circlet. More colors and styles will be added if there is sufficient interest in this size.
Style “Diadem” is usually available in all colors and sizes.
Style “Tiara” is currently available in 6mm black cob only. More sizes and colors will be added as inventory grows.

If you are interested in ordering a custom browband, please contact me. I will soon have several ready made bands available for sale in my Etsy Shop.



As of October, 2011, Mad Mare™ Studio is no longer offering Rhythm Beads sets for sale.

I still have several Rhythm Bead sets in inventory and will list them with “Close Out” prices over the next week or so.