Enter the Studio, Part V

As of a couple of days ago all is done. Well, all the major work that I am going to do, anyhow. Painting the walls Gallery White was the last major undertaking. There are a few bits and pieces I’m still working on and the walls are less than pristine, but that’s not important. They’re just going to get covered with paint and pastel dust, anyhow. I didn’t install baseboards, either, as those would just catch the dust and be something else that needed to be cleaned.

It was difficult, if not impossible, to line the sheetrock up and have the walls perfectly flat. The old barn wood has warped over the years and the walls dip in and out. The front door is rotten at the bottom and I’m using wood filler to even that out and keep the bugs at bay.

I’ve started moving things into the studio. First was my tree table and taboret, which, like everything else, was covered with a thick layer of red dust. The backyard of the house we used to live in was planted with pines and the acidic nature of those trees made it difficult to keep grass growing.  The result was either red dust or red mud everywhere. Take your pick.

Two of the first items I moved into the studio were my wooden easels. The smaller one, my favorite,  is a Best Deluxe Lobo. It extends to hold a 5′ canvas or board and is fairly light and easy to move. The second is my big easel, the Richeson Giant Dulce Lyptus Easel. It extends up to 7′ and weighs 60 pounds. Not an easy item to move around.

Most of this evening was spent emptying drawers and washing red dust off of everything I that I pulled into the studio from the garage. Trying to mentally decide where I’m going to put everything. Gah.