Enter the Studio, Part VI — CANDY!

Now, I’m really excited about my studio! I have found my pastels! YES! Of course they were in a box at the bottom of a pile in the garage, but that goes without saying. And, hey, not one stink bug in the box! Go figure.

Blue Pastels Drawer

Blue Pastels Drawer

Except for my spares, all of my pastels are stored in 3-drawer wooden cabinets, sorted by color and tint, and not by brand. This makes it much easier to find the color I am looking for.  I originally purchased mine from ASW Express and they still carry them for $22.99, which is close to the same price I bought them for several years ago.

I used leather glue and lined the bottom of each drawer with deerskin hide in order to protect the pastels from breakage and that works quite well. I also bought some 2-drawer cabinets to store my colored and pastel pencils in. For those, I removed the dividers and just made each drawer flat.

For the most part, I use  Sennelier, Unison, Daler-Rowney, Terry Ludwig (completely hand-made and a dream to use), Rembrandt, Winsor & Newton, and last, but not least at all, Schmincke.  At some point I’d like to add Girault and Great American to the mix.  Oh, and some Diane Townsend, too. Why stop there? I want them all! Soft pastels can be very addicting!