Custom Rhinestone Netted Hair Bows

Our basic 4 Loop, 9 Loop Small, and 9 Loop Large barrette snoods adorned with rhinestones in your choice of colors. Each snood will have 15 to 20 rhinestones, depending on the size of the attached net, and the bow clearance.

Mad Mare™ currently stocks snoods in: black, blue, brown, camel (4 loop and 9 loop small only), and cream (9 loop large only).

The Rhinestone Color Chart is not, by any means, a comprehensive list of all the rhinestone colors Swarovski® produces. Although we carry many of these colors, some may have to be ordered. Most orders take 3 business days, but allow 2-3 weeks for the completion of your order if we do not have a stone in your chosen color.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Too much hair for a barrette? See the product images for tips on how to wear a barrette snood.

If you are interested in placing an order for snood or rhinestone color that we don’t normally carry, or a bulk order  for your barn, quadrille or pas de deux team, send an email to For the purchase of 2 or more bun covers or snoods, teams and barns will receive a Mad Mare™ discount of 10%.